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Zero is the power  |  Live in green

I have a dream to pursue a pure life and wish zero emission in the world.

In 1986, I started my career in the vehicle industry. During that working life, I have created CO2 and PM 2.5 to produce fuel cars. One day, when I was driving on the street in Seattle downtown and watched Mount Rainier covered by white snow, I realized as people we should decrease the pollution by our wisdom to make our life better. Therefore, I decided that I would try my best to back to zero and nature life, just like a newborn baby, including the vehicle we drive and food we eat. At first, I defend unnatural food successfully and I became a vegetarian.

I also have a dream to integrate Tier 1~3 to provide eco-friendly products in vehicle industry. That is why FULL COME was born. As the name of FULL COME. I gathered members all over the world. I contribute Japan automotive industry knowledge. The management team of Tire 1, they have professional know how and technical skills from Germany and have more than 20 years experiences. Our Tier 2 management team has the experience from North American automotive industry center. Tier 3 is the core, and the IC was designed by the top design team in Taiwan. Furthermore, we have Korean members to contribute their knowledge as well. We practice we are the world.

No matter which tier of vehicle products, we request our supply chain partners follow the same standard, nature and pure, in producing process and materials.

I insist every component and process based on eco-friendly and I promise you all.

We are different people, we use different languages and we come from different countries, but we live in one world and have the same goal. That is so called full come. All best in FULL COME.

Shirab Yeshe



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