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Product Number:REC-B2503A
ReferenceNo: IBR957
Design For: 24V
Voltage: 24V
OD: 125mm
1 127 320 957
BOSCH 0 120 468 054
BOSCH 0 120 468 136
BOSCH 0 120 468 147
Case 1964860C1
Case 760 851 95
Case R 941543
Cummins 3923624
IHC Navistar 1964860A1
IHC Navistar 1964860C1
John Deere AT168711
John Deere AT208541
John Deere FFSB108087
John Deere SE501348
John Deere TY25955
John Deere TY6786
John Deere TY6794
Prestolite 860568

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